There are currently no employment openings with the Kenwood Therapy Center.


Volunteer Opportunities


Seeking Administrative Volunteers for the Kenwood Therapy Center

Position: Administrative & Intake Volunteer

Hiring Period: Ongoing

Location: Kenwood Therapy Center, Minneapolis, MN


As a Kenwood Center administrative & intake volunteer, you will provide crucial support to our administrative staff by helping with client reception, telephone management, and administrative assistance, typically during the evening. You will help collect client payments, interact with our therapists for clerical projects, and field intake phone calls. The latter will give you experience speaking with incoming clients about the issues that are bringing them to us. Therefore, a great deal of responsibility and compassion is required of those wishing to volunteer. You will often be working during afternoon and evening hours when the administrative office does not have employee coverage. Therefore, you will be the main administrative contact for clients during those times.

In addition, there may be opportunities--though not guarantees--of getting involved with clinical assistance work that is appropriate to the education and qualification level of our volunteers.


We are looking for compassionate, responsible, detail-oriented, and competent individuals with strong initiative and an interest in the counseling/therapy fields. Having prior mental health or administrative experience will help your application, but is not absolutely necessary.

How to Apply

If you are interested in being considered for a volunteer position, email Becca Shaheen, Volunteer Coordinator, at b.shaheen@kenwoodcenter.org.